Monday, May 4, 2009

Why Cloth Diaper

30 BILLION diapers per year are sent to landfills.

You can save hundreds, to even thousands of dollars.

There is a chemical in ALL paper diapers called sodium polyacrylate. It has to be there, it's what absorbs liquid. Have you ever had those hard to wipe off crystals on the babe's skin? That's what these are! This chemical was removed from tampons in 1985 because it's considered TOXIC to humans. Yet... this is still safe in our babies diapers???

Not only are cloth diapers just better... they are so much CUTER, safer, and so easy. No more folding or pins necessary (unless you love that.... I personally don't!). Most cloth diapers these days go on just like a paper diaper. This makes them daddy, grandparent, babysitter, and daycare friendly. They are easy to clean, and in no time become second nature!

join us... become one of our addicted to cloth parents!

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