Friday, May 15, 2009

Reviewing... Huggies Pure and Natural PAPER diapers

today, I went to the store and bought the new Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers.

Needless to say, I bought a 46 pack for $18.49, plus tax.
This is a grand total of: $0.43 per diaper. That is right, 43 cents per diaper!

They are made with organic cotton, are fragrance free, include aloe & vitamin E, are made with less ink (I'm assuming on the outside of the diaper), and the inner liner is made with renewable materials.
Like all other Huggies diapers, these still contain a warning on the side of the package, stating: HUGGIES diapers contain absorbent particles that gel when whet. If you notice a small amount of gel like material on your baby's skin, it back be removed with baby wipe.
SO, make your own conclusions... but mine is that this "pure and natural product" still contains sodium polyacrylate... so even though it's much better for baby than the original Huggies, it's still not better than cloth for babies skin at all! Those dangerous chemicals are still there. Who can blame them? They HAVE to be there, there is NO other ingredient that can absorb liquid, no matter how pure and natural they would like them to be.

The diapers hold fine, and so far no leaks. I would never use it overnight, because it feels way too thin. (my baby can't wear any paper diaper overnight without a leak though)

Will I use them: yes, for the 5% of time that Cameron is not in cloth.

Do I recommend them: NO (hehe). I never recommend paper diapers. But... if you HAVE to use them, I think these should be the ones you use.

What are my personal opinions: I think it's great that paper diapers are TRYING to become more environmentally friendly, and better for baby. But I still know that they will take up our landfill space for 500 years, still contain "gel" as they call it, cost an ARM AND A LEG, and are not cute what-so-ever. They are packaged in eco-friendly 20% recyclable material, which I think is great. There are a lot of bad things about paper diapers that just can't be changed. BUT due to their attempt (and ok, I guess they really are better than regular) at being pure and natural, I like them... for paper. As a 'green' mama, I feel just a little better using these than regular Huggies.

What is the diaper like?: They feel just like a Pampers Swaddlers diaper. They are much softer than traditional Huggies. The inside feels just like a Huggies Gentile Care diaper, I've noticed no difference. They hold the same as a Huggies Gentile Care diaper, which is 3 hours max for my son.

This blog post contains personal opinions, and statements that were copied strictly from the packaging of Huggies Pure & Natural diapers. This is the current price at Super Target, in Arizona.

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