Monday, May 25, 2009

Almost out... of Bum Genius!

AHHHH... and we have another 4 weeks before the next shipment is in.

As of now... I AM OUT of the following colors:

As of now... I AM LOW ON
Twilight (1 left)
Blossom (2 left)
Grasshopper (2 left)
White (2 left)

I'm still good on the other colors.

It's been so odd to see what 'goes' and what 'doesn't'... surely not what Cotton Babies recommended, or what I bought!

Before you place your order... (yes, for the rest of today... use code 'finally' for 12% off) please check the homepage to see how many of each diaper are left! I am having problems tracking the numbers on my website!!!! So sorry about that!

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