Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Winner of the Bum Genius:
UnrealBaby said...

Ooh!!!!! I love the Zinnia color!

Congrats! Sorry I'm running late... dealing with a VERY cranky, feverish, needy, clingy, teethy baby! Aaack!

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Monday, May 25, 2009

Almost out... of Bum Genius!

AHHHH... and we have another 4 weeks before the next shipment is in.

As of now... I AM OUT of the following colors:

As of now... I AM LOW ON
Twilight (1 left)
Blossom (2 left)
Grasshopper (2 left)
White (2 left)

I'm still good on the other colors.

It's been so odd to see what 'goes' and what 'doesn't'... surely not what Cotton Babies recommended, or what I bought!

Before you place your order... (yes, for the rest of today... use code 'finally' for 12% off) please check the homepage to see how many of each diaper are left! I am having problems tracking the numbers on my website!!!! So sorry about that!

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Friday, May 22, 2009


Gas prices are going UP
Bills continue to RISE
Credit Card interest rates are at the WORST
73% of homes are in FORECLOSURE

so- I'll give you a break!

This 4 day weekend ONLY (Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday)
take 12% off your entire order

(including the new BumGenius!)

use code: 'finally' at checkout.

It pays to get news about discounts and giveaways! Subscribe to this blog, Follow this blog, Follow us on Twitter and you'll never miss a beat!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009


that's right folks...

to celebrate our NEW blog design made by this lovely lady, in combination with the arrival of Bum Genius to my store ...(on Friday the 22nd) we're celebrating with a completely free Bum Genius diaper!
(valued at $17.95)

The winner will receive:
-ONE Bum Genius 3.0 One Size Pocket diaper in their choice of color
-Free shipping

How it works:
-Enter... and I'll e mail the winner!
-Winner will be announced on: Tuesday, May 26th at 11:00am MST. 
-Winner will be chosen by a random number generator.

How to enter / How to get extra entries:
(each way is worth ONE entry) (yes... there is a possibility to enter 10 times!!!!)

This entry is required:
-Go to my store. Leave a comment here telling me your favorite Bum Genius 3.0 One Size Pocket Diaper color, along with your name, and e mail address.

The following entries are extra:
-Leave a comment here telling me one thing you love about cloth diapering.

-Leave a comment here telling me one thing you learned about cloth diapering from my website.

-Follow the Blog on Blogger, leave me a comment telling me you did.

-Grab my button and add it to your blog, leave me a comment here with your blog. (2 entries!)

-Follow me on Twitter, leave me a comment here telling me your @ name.

-RT (retweet) my message on twitter, telling everyone about this giveaway.

-Join our group on Facebook, leave me a comment here telling me you've joined the group.

-E mail 5 friends, and cc me (ali [at] greenchicmama [dot] com) about this giveaway.

Happy entering :)

Sunday, May 17, 2009

If You Have Bought....

Form Green Chic Mama...

will you please review our store on Diaper Pin.


Friday, May 15, 2009

The Future of the Blog

Stay Tuned Guys!

My blog is currently being re-designed... when it's done, just to celebrate... I'm going to have a Bum Genius giveaway! That's right... ONE free Bum Genius diaper to a lucky person!

Stay tuned for details! 

About Bum Genius: our order is shipping on MONDAY! They'll be here next week guys!

Reviewing... Huggies Pure and Natural PAPER diapers

today, I went to the store and bought the new Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers.

Needless to say, I bought a 46 pack for $18.49, plus tax.
This is a grand total of: $0.43 per diaper. That is right, 43 cents per diaper!

They are made with organic cotton, are fragrance free, include aloe & vitamin E, are made with less ink (I'm assuming on the outside of the diaper), and the inner liner is made with renewable materials.
Like all other Huggies diapers, these still contain a warning on the side of the package, stating: HUGGIES diapers contain absorbent particles that gel when whet. If you notice a small amount of gel like material on your baby's skin, it back be removed with baby wipe.
SO, make your own conclusions... but mine is that this "pure and natural product" still contains sodium polyacrylate... so even though it's much better for baby than the original Huggies, it's still not better than cloth for babies skin at all! Those dangerous chemicals are still there. Who can blame them? They HAVE to be there, there is NO other ingredient that can absorb liquid, no matter how pure and natural they would like them to be.

The diapers hold fine, and so far no leaks. I would never use it overnight, because it feels way too thin. (my baby can't wear any paper diaper overnight without a leak though)

Will I use them: yes, for the 5% of time that Cameron is not in cloth.

Do I recommend them: NO (hehe). I never recommend paper diapers. But... if you HAVE to use them, I think these should be the ones you use.

What are my personal opinions: I think it's great that paper diapers are TRYING to become more environmentally friendly, and better for baby. But I still know that they will take up our landfill space for 500 years, still contain "gel" as they call it, cost an ARM AND A LEG, and are not cute what-so-ever. They are packaged in eco-friendly 20% recyclable material, which I think is great. There are a lot of bad things about paper diapers that just can't be changed. BUT due to their attempt (and ok, I guess they really are better than regular) at being pure and natural, I like them... for paper. As a 'green' mama, I feel just a little better using these than regular Huggies.

What is the diaper like?: They feel just like a Pampers Swaddlers diaper. They are much softer than traditional Huggies. The inside feels just like a Huggies Gentile Care diaper, I've noticed no difference. They hold the same as a Huggies Gentile Care diaper, which is 3 hours max for my son.

This blog post contains personal opinions, and statements that were copied strictly from the packaging of Huggies Pure & Natural diapers. This is the current price at Super Target, in Arizona.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

How To Save Money in Today's Economy...

Lets face it. No one enjoys tacking $20.00 onto their grocery bill every week. No one likes using something once and throwing it away. No one likes how bad your garage smells the day before trash pick up... etc. Here are the facts I've compiled on how much money you can save. 
With ever so rising diaper costs, and ever so diminishing budgets... I have a solution for you!


Disposable (or paper) diapers run between $0.18 to $0.21 per diaper.
A baby uses on average 10 diapers per day.
A baby is in diapers on average for 2.5 years.
A family will spend on average $50.00 per 2.5 years on accessories. (wipes, creams, trash bags)

Doing the Math:

Per Day:
$0.18 x 10 = $1.80 (per day in cheap diapers)
$0.21 x 10 = $2.10 (per day in "pampers" or "huggies" diapers)

Per Year:
$1.80 x 365 = $657.00 (one year in cheap diapers)
$2.10 x 365 = $766.50 (one year in "pampers" or "huggies" diapers)

For 2.5 Years:
$657.00 x 2.5 = $1,642.50 (2.5 years in cheap diapers)
$766.50 x 2.5 = $1,916.25 (2.5 years in "pampers" or "huggies" diapers)

Grand totals: (with accessories)
$1,642.50 + $50.00 = $1,692.50
$1,916.25 + $50.00 = $1,966.25

Average cost of disposable diapers, for 2.5 years (one child) is : $1,829.38
these are items that you use once, and throw away. 


A baby needs about 18-24 cloth diapers, on average. 
Most cloth diapers fit babies from 7-35 pounds. This means that you buy diapers ONCE.

Cloth diapers are designed to work for over 5 years. This means that they can be used on multiple children.

A family will spend about $50.00 on accessories over 2.5 years. (wet bag, pail liner, creams, diaper sprayer)

Yes, you use water to wash out the diapers. Water, unlike landfills is a recyclable source. Water is used to wash diapers, and then recycled back into the earth. Once a disposable is thrown into a landfill, it sits there for 500 years. 
A family will spend on average a total of $50.00 over 2.5 years on washing diapers.

Doing the Math:

Buying Diapers Once:
18 Bum Genius Diapers (most popular): $308.10
24 Bum Genius Diapers (most popular): $406.80

Cost of water usage, over 2.5 years: approximately $50.00

Average amount of accessories, over 2.5 years: $50.00

$408.10 (18 diapers)
$506.80 (24 diapers)

average cost of using cloth diapers, over 2.5 years (possibly multiple children) is $457.45

ladies and gentleman... if you choose to switch, you'll save money.
Bottom line... in this economy, who couldn't use extra money?

average savings: $1,371.93

Monday, May 4, 2009

May 4th to May 8th ONLY

All Moby Wraps and Rump-a-rooz One Size Snap diapers are 15% off!

no rain checks
get them before they are gone!

Why Cloth Diaper

30 BILLION diapers per year are sent to landfills.

You can save hundreds, to even thousands of dollars.

There is a chemical in ALL paper diapers called sodium polyacrylate. It has to be there, it's what absorbs liquid. Have you ever had those hard to wipe off crystals on the babe's skin? That's what these are! This chemical was removed from tampons in 1985 because it's considered TOXIC to humans. Yet... this is still safe in our babies diapers???

Not only are cloth diapers just better... they are so much CUTER, safer, and so easy. No more folding or pins necessary (unless you love that.... I personally don't!). Most cloth diapers these days go on just like a paper diaper. This makes them daddy, grandparent, babysitter, and daycare friendly. They are easy to clean, and in no time become second nature!

join us... become one of our addicted to cloth parents!