Tuesday, June 16, 2009

...Bum Genius Update...

Update on the BGs
The next shipment of Bum Genius will be here on FRIDAY! This means that they will be up on the website, and available for purchase sometime Friday afternoon, or Saturday morning. I have TONS coming... so get ready! 

The last order basically SOLD OUT within just a few days... so PRE ORDER your Bum Genius NOW! You can do that by contacting me on the site, sending me an e mail, leaving me a comment... you name it- I can get it!

I'm just now getting better at using Twitter, so make sure to follow me there. I give UNBELIEVABLE  discount codes out... so don't miss it! I currently have 185 followers! When I get to 300 followers... I'll be doing my next DIAPER GIVEAWAY! Don't miss it- aka- follow me on TWITTER! Also- you can also join an awesome #clothdiapers chat on Monday nights! All your questions, concerns, and just diaper chat in general! Twitter is easy to sign up for, and after some practice... it's easy to use!

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Low Bum Genius Stock

Hi everyone...

I just wanted to confirm my low stock... I've had some orders I can't fulfill, so please check accordingly on both here and the website before ordering packages of Bum Genius. Unfortunately, on the packages... my website can't track the stock amounts.

clementine (darker yellow) 3.0 pocket diapers
white 3.0 pocket diapers
twilight (light blue) 3.0 pocket diapers

grasshopper (light green) 3.0 pocket diapers (2 left)
moonbeam (dark blue) 3.0 pocket diapers (2 left)
ribbit (dark green) 3.0 pocket diapers (4 left)
zinnia (dark pink) 3.0 pocket diapers (4 left)
butternut (light yellow) 3.0 pocket diapers (4 left)
blossom (light pink) 3.0 pocket diapers (2 left)

Next order should be here in 3 WEEKS. please, hang tight!

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