Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Update on our store!

I feel like it's been forever since I've posted to this blog! Well, in fact... it has been forever.

Just a quick update on our store:

Sudzy Baby Products - The business of Sudzy Baby was sold from one mom to another. While the sale and move is taking place, we're holding off on ordering from Sudzy Baby. I have not personally talked to the new owner yet, but hopefully we'll communicate shortly! If you would like a Sudzy Baby product right away, I suggest you going directly to their website (click HERE to be redirected to their site). The new owner is a great mom that I've known online, and I can't wait to communicate with her about stocking her products again. (we still do have a few Sudzy Baby products left, the website tells all)

Moby Wraps- Moby Wraps are our best selling item right now! It seems that with summer coming, everyone wants a moby wrap! We have only a few colors left until we get our next order in. We will not expect our next order until early July. Thanks for your patience! (always contact me via phone or email to see exactly what colors we have in. The website is NOT always correct)

Bum Genius Flip- The ever so popular Flip diapers were here... and gone as fast as they came in. We had them in and out SO fast. They are still on backorder for us, so it will be a while before we get them in. Thanks again, for your patience.

Bum Genius Organic Diapers- We have decided not to carry these in our stock. We CAN order them, but we just don't sell enough to keep on our shelves. If you would like to order Bum Genius Organic diapers, please just let me know... and then allow 4 weeks for them to come in. All orders will be placed, as soon as the diapers are paid for.

Bum Genius 3.0 Diapers- It is very hard for me to keep these in stock! It seems like we get 12 dozen in, and they are sold out within five days! (great... but not when you can only order them once per month!) Like many other products, please always check before ordering these to make sure they are in stock. If you plan on making a larger order (12 or more) it's more than likely that we will have you place the order with us, and then we will place the order with Cotton Babies. Like other products, they generally take no more than 4 weeks to come in.

We're having a baby! That's right... Green Chic Mama is adding a baby to the mix! Sorry for my slow responses to emails and phone calls.... or orders that go out a day later than expected! I've been knocked flat on my butt as I 'suffer' through this first trimester! Luckily, the second trimester will greet me in about 2 weeks! Thanks for your understanding and I can't wait to update our store shoppers with newborn diaper pictures!

thanks guys! I'm so sorry it's taken me so long to update! Don't forget... first time shoppers (or shoppers who have not used the code yet) always get 10% off their first order! Use code: 'first' at checkout!
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