Thursday, August 20, 2009

bumGenius! Diaper Detergent

BumGenius! has teamed together with the #1 selling, prefered diapering detergent: Country Save.

They have concocted an eco friendly, budget friendly (only $11.95 USD per box), and PUL diaper friendly diaper detergent designed specifically for cloth diapers!
This product will hit our shelves in September! I can't wait to both sell it, and use it for myself. It looks great.

Mmmm. Yummy, clean diapers!

(from our website)
Coming in September!

bumGenius Diaper Detergent was developed in partnership with Country Save, a well recognized, respected face in the cloth diapering industry. Cotton Babies is excited to be able to release a detergent product specifically designed for use with cloth diapers.

There are 66 loads per box and the scoop has been specially designed for cloth diapers. They've kept the instructions on the side of the box very simple. The product is packaged in an award-winning, environmentally certified box. It is certified for use in HE washers. It is free of dyes, optical brighteners, fragrances, enzymes and phosphates.

Approved for use with bumGenius! diapers by the makers of bumGenius! diapers.

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