Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to the blog...

Hi! Welcome to our blog!

A little about Green Chic Mama

Hi! I'm Ali. I'm a stay at home, working mama... and am about to embark in opening my own cloth diapering business! I'm just getting it all set up, getting orders in and stored nicely in my home, and getting the website ready :)

I have a grand opening planned for May 1st, but we're suffering through a delay in the state of Arizona in regards to business licenses... I may have to postpone it a few weeks (which would NOT be cool!) I'll keep this site updated, and will know more in the next few days.

I have a one year old son, which whom I cloth diaper and parent naturally. I fell in love with doing this, therefore decided to spread my love to other parents and open my store.

Not only do I have top selling cloth diapers (which are functional, cute, and modern), I sell baby carriers, natural skin care, and natural laundry care. I answer any questions that you can throw at me... and I stick around when you need some help. I have plans in holding classes and how to seminars.

I love supporting USA made, and WAHM made products. If you have a product you'd like me to sell... contact me!

As for now, you can visit our website... but it's not fully up and running yet. It's changing every day... and I can't wait until it's ready!

As for now- you can check our blog for updates, giveaways and reviews. Follow us on Twitter (and might I mention Twitter followers get a special discount code), or check out our discussions on Facebook.

Thanks for looking! (yes... this will change quite often as I design a new template and play around with a few things. Thanks for being patient!)


  1. Oh bummer about the licensing. That stinks.

  2. yep... it's awesome how "job cuts" are hurting everyone! Now, they only have ONE person working in the department. They had 23 last year! Redic if you ask me! Poor people who lost their jobs!

  3. I have the licenses now... we're good to go! Now just waiting on inventory to arrive!!